The Mike Netzel Team is Keller Williams North Premier Team!

Awarded the prestigious Quadruple Gold Award from Gary Keller.

The Mike Netzel Team's experience and knowledge
set the standard for impeccable quality, client care, and results.   
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Why The Mike Netzel Team?  Thought you would never ask!
Here are some great reasons!

Mike Netzel - Team Leader and Chief Energy Officer
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With decades of experience in the Pittsburgh marketplace powerfully combined with over a decade in National Training, 
tested and honed thru well over 2000 home sales - you can rest easy.
A lifelong learner, Mike is a Mastery Certified Instructor of Real Estate in Pennsylvania also!

Your Real Estate Experience will not leave you twisted like a pretzel, provided you contact Mike Netzel!


Graduate: Anthony Robbins Mastery University

Graduate: Russ Whitney Training Academy

Mike both contributed to & is quoted in The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Licensed Pennsylvania Master Trainer for The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

Coached by:  Mike Ferry, Tim Wood, Matthew Ferry, Dave Jenks, and more!

Cara Bisegna Executive Assistant 
Direct (724) 933-8549
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Past performance is not a guarantee of future results,
however, what more accurate indicator is there?
In markets far more challenging than now, our place was still solidly in the Top 1%.
We offer you the peace of mind you deserve!

Don't delay - contact TMNT today! 
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